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Tianshan Xihu
Project Name: Tianshan Xihu
Project Address:Southeast of the intersection of Kunlun Street and Xiangjiang Road, High-tech Zone, Shijiazhuang City
Project formats:Common residence Foreign-style house
Project website:Not Available
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  • Shijiazhuang City Tianshan Xihu Estate is located southeast of the intersection of Kunlun Street and Xiangjiang Road, with the total floor area of 160 mu and total building area of more than 380,000 ㎡. The 12 houses and 536 households developed in the first phase of the project is divided into the north and south plots. They adopt the Southern Europe & Mediterranean and Spain design styles interspersed with Chinese elements. For facades sandstones are used above the third floor and true stone paints below. The overall coloring is beautiful and elegant, vividly interpreting the mansion manner. The apartments are typically about 139-150 m2 with 3 rooms, 2 parlors and 2 bathrooms. Others have a 20-100 m2 additional area offered for free thus actually having a 150-220 m2 area. The cozy 3-room apartments can be transformed to the luxury 4-room ones. What’s more, various apartment functions can be added according to customers’ requirements. A number of practical and cozy designs can meet the needs of different customer populations. The north & south entries, residential river nets, layers of green belts and pleasant scenery create a wonderful Chinese Eden, a model among top ecologic- foreign-style house estates in Shijiazhuang City and a benchmark of low-density residences difficult to be surpassed in the near future. 

    The project’s green garden is the biggest and most unique in current Shijiazhuang, quite impressive and shocking for its massive waterscape and landscape. The lakeshore design is mainly composed of ecological embankments. The cascading fountains, viewing plaza and small viewing platform is placed just appropriately according to surroundings. 7 green belts is especially designed to realize the philosophy of European  estates “Landscapes for every household” with flowers bloomed in 9 months every year and green vegetation throughout the year. At the same time, the entire estate design is people-oriented. Motor vehicles are accessible directly into the basement, not entering the estate ground. The elderly and children can be rest assured to play in the estate. Safety and livability is placed as the first priority and fully realized. Tianshan Xihu is undoubtedly the best choice for you. 

    Internal facilities: Five - star lakeside club with  an indoor heated pool, fitness center, dining center, tea room etc.; and a aristocratic bilingual kindergarten. 
    Dining & entertainment: the table delicacies street---Minjiang Street, Taiqing Flower, Tangninghui Grand Hotel, Sea World Hotel, New Oriental Business Hotel, Arc de Triomphe Hotel, Five-Continent State Banquet, Tianshan Sea World, Eighth House, New Horse Print. 
    Supermarket & banks: Northland Supermarkets, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, CITIC Bank, Hebei Bank, Bank of China, Postal Bank. 
    Plazas: neighbouring a great community planned – a 4 million m2 world-class central business and cultural area, integrated with commercial pedestrian streets, 5A office buildings, international apartments, super five-star hotels, shopping centers, large wedding services etc. offering countless convenience and prosperity. 
    Neighbouring parks: neighbouring to the west the municipal green belts in Kunlun Street and a 300 mu large municipal water park.  The water park is in the southwest of the project, quite ecological, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. 200 m to the north of Emei Street is the famous Torch Plaze in the Development Zone, a ideal place for leisure and entertainment. 
    Surrounding hospitals: east branches of the 3rd provincial hospital and 4th provincial hospital, Great Wall Hospital and Shijiazhuang Eye Hospital. 
    Surrounding schools: Future-first Kindergarten, Development Zone First Primary School and Second Primary School, Elite Secondary School, Private First Secondary School, Hebei Normal University Eastern Campus, Institute of Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Information Engineering College, Hebei University of Science and Technology etc. 
    Waterside House—Work of Excellence of Contemporary Architecture on Water 
    To present the stunning beauty of top-level residential product—Waterside House, Tianshan Development specially invites world-class architectural design group to introduce Spanish architecture with “water as the soul” to Tianshan Xihu, forming the unique Mediterranean architectural style. The façade highlights overall layered sense and space expression, giving consideration to the natural harmony of the water and the architecture, creating beautiful, comfortable and practical living space on the water. At the same time, double-courtyard in Spanish architecture, regal and grand family room, courtyard-surrounded stream, river and bridge which are precious in Chinese-style architecture are included to form perfect fusion of architecture, water and people, poetry mixed with the bearing of contemporary Chinese nobles. 
    Water city with lake scenery, fascinating water hours described by Belt Collins 
    The garden landscape of Tianshan Xihu Residential Quarter is carefully tailored by Belt Collins, the world-famous garden design institution. It blends unique romance of Mediterranean water garden and distinct enthusiasm and elegance of Spanish royal garden in the triple-water landscape of Tianshan Xihu, which consists of two vast lakes, building-surrounded stream and front courtyard bridge, creating unprecedented leisure time of Waterside House. 
    Central Business Culture District—unique supporting facility only for you. 
    Tianshan Xihu is located in strategically important area for urban development of Shijiazhuang—the core of Central Business Culture District with an investment of 30 billion. This makes such a Waterside House that is extremely rare in the world be located at another urban core business circle besides “Xinbai Business Circle” and “Northland Business Circle”. It also makes city landmark buildings such as “Door of the World”, the Tallest Building of North China with height of 450m, the first Seven-star hotel of the Province and international 5A office building as its exclusive unique supporting facilities. Its absolute rare property value is beyond doubt.