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Tianjin The Rice Cube
Project Name: Tianjin The Rice Cube
Project Address:The intersection of Jinqi Road and Shengtang Road, Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin
Project formats:Integrated fitness and tourism
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  • Tianjin The Rice Cube is the project invested and constructed by Tianshan Development (Holding) Ltd., the only enterprise listed at Hong Kong stock market in Hebei Province. It is one of the 20 key projects in Tianjin.  Under the full support by the government, we are aimed to build the largest global and national indoor comprehensive national citizen fitness and tourism project with highest class and most complete functions, so as to write the new chapter for Tianjin tourism career. 

    The Rice Cub is constructed in the central area of Xiaozhan Town, Jinnan District. It can be reached by bus No. 152 directly, and is opposite to Xiaozhan Lianbing Park. Covering an area of over 130mu, with construction area of 50000m2, its total investment achieves 1 billion yuan. It is a spheroid with long axis of 200m and short axis of 140m. It is conceptually designed by the international well-known company ARQUITECTONICA. The General Institute of Architectural Design and Research, Tianjin University, acts as the main designer. The overall structure adopts advanced “suspend arch truss + single layer of latticed shell” compound structural system. This is the first time this structure appears in China. The design concept is coursed from the famous “Xiaozhan Rice”. The project’s shape is just like a grain of transparent rice (“The Rice Cube” is named by Mayor Huang Xingguo). 

    The Rice Cube is mainly constructed with reception hall, visitors’ center, VIP room, dinning room, paddle hall, manual wave, driftage river, slide group, SPA, naval battle area, children paddle pool, pirate ship, mayan castle and animals and plants sceneries. It is the largest indoor constant temperature aquatic playing center which integrates recreation, fitness, resort and featured catering together.
    Tianjin The Rice Cube is the typical resort with north style and south feelings. Its indoor temperature is maintained at 30℃, and the water temperature 28℃ throughout the year. With 24-hour cycling disinfection treatment, the purity degree of the water achieves international standard.  The subtropics style paddle hall is tall and bright with an area of 19000m2. When the outdoor temperature is subzero dozen degree in snowing winter, the visitors inside the hall are attracted by the splendid scenes with warm waves and sprays, as if they are in the sea of Hawaii in hot summer, experiencing the south flavor, the grand ocean and romantic beach.  The over 500m long driftage river skillfully passes through the cave and composites splendid scenes with the plunging waterfall.  The fairy-tale world and legendary pirate boat will bring kids infinite imaginations.  6 slide rails in different shapes and heights will bring you threatening but not dangerous exciting experience.   High temperature massage pool water and bold and flowing surfing enables you to be integrated with the nature, enjoying the infinite natural funs between blue sky and green water.  24 different kinds of sea waves, including left and right waves, rowing waves, diamond waves and shaking waves. The galloping splendid scenes are astonishing.  The entire paddle hall is filled with green grasses, bamboo, banyans and coconut groves. Together with the stalactite, it forms the “Disney” water park.  The principle of The Rice Cube is: Play for heart beating, for health, for fun and for forgetting all worries.