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Project Name: Tianshan Science & Technology Industrial Park
Project Address:No. 319, Xiangjiang Avenue, Shijiazhuang, Hebei
Project formats:Industrial Park
Sales:For sale

    Tianshan Science & Technology Industrial Park is the key project planned by Shijiazhuang City. It is the large-scale industrial park area organized by Shijiazhuang High-Tech Area Administration Committee and developed by Tianshan Development.  It is situated in the core position of Shijiazhuang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone – No. 319 of Xiangjiang Avenue. It is neighboring south to Xiangjiang Avenue, east to Xing’an Street, west to Taishan Street and north to the hundred meters wide Changjiang Avenue which is a Yingbin Avenue penetrates through the city area.  The park is surrounded by many large enterprises: Changshan Textile Group and 3302 Military Factor to its west, Sino-Japan joint venture Heye & Summit Tools Co., Ltd. and Ieals & Hightech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to its south, and the beverage factory of Uni-President Group under construction to its east.  
    The park covers an area of 360mu, and a planned construction area of 500,000 square meters with 1.5 billion yuan of total investment.  The entire park is divided into four functional areas: standard factory area, directed development zone, No. 1 of Changjiang avenue, supporting apartments. And it is mainly directed at attracting such kinds of enterprises as electronic information, technological and light manufacturing enterprises.  
    In the standard plant area, the workshops are mostly the 4-6 story buildings, frame structure, 4.2-4.5m high, 7-8m of column space, bearing of 400kg/m2. The basic house type is between 200-1000 m2 which can be separate and combined casually. They are especially suitable for the use of production, R&D and office of S&M enterprises under development stage.  Currently, the standard plants have been sold out, and the settled enterprises include over 50 enterprises such as Xianxing Electronics, Shihua Technology, Xuguang Technology, Jinshuo Electronics. And they have created job opportunities for over 2000 people and annual taxes of 50 million yuan.  
    The directed development area is tailored for the enterprises expecting scale expansion after first stage development. It is a kind of OEM directed development mode planned, designed and constructed according to the production processes of the enterprises and then transferred to clients.  Currently this area has been sold out.  The settled enterprises include more than 10 enterprises such as Tonghe Electronics, Xiankong Power Supply, Guoyuan Electricity and Shenzhen Jinlixiang Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd. They have created over 1000 job opportunities and annual taxes of more than 30 million yuan.  
    No. 1 of Changjiang Avenue is composed by four high-tech comprehensive buildings which integrate R&D and office together.  The four buildings are in “一” shape distribution, and respectively ranked on the two sides of the main entrance, forming the complete group image along Changjiang Avenue. The product positioning is enterprises’ headquarters, and the buildings’ bodies are in reinforced concrete frame structure.  The external building envelope structure adopts anti-radiation float glass curtain walls, metal glass walls and part of stone curtain walls.  Each high-rise tower building is set up with 6 lifts with load-bearing of 2 tons of each lift. The annex is set up with 3 elevators and 2 automatic escalators. The building adopts central air conditioning system. The construction area is totally over 280,000m2. It can arrange over 5000 jobs and creates over 30 million yuan of annual taxes after its completion.  
    The supporting apartment area is the staff apartments and composed by 9 multi-story residential buildings. They are leased for the enterprises inside the park area and they can satisfy the living demands of the enterprises’ staff.  
    The four functional areas are closely combined together, integrating production, office and living together. And with complete supporting service, enterprises can settle all problems without stepping out of the Park which greatly improved enterprises’ efficiencies and laid solid foundation for the faster and stronger development of enterprises.  
    The development and construction of Tianshan Science & Technology Industrial Park can come down to four benefits: first, benefit for government, it realizes intensive utilization of land and improves land utilization rate.  Meanwhile, with the attraction of investments, the local government increased taxation income; second, benefit for enterprises settled in the park, with S&M enterprises purchasing the plants, they realize purchase, living and production at the same time, which saved their time for building plants and construction of such supporting facilities as water, electricity and heating system, and achieved resource sharing; third, benefit for development enterprises. The development and construction of the park improved the enterprises’ economic benefits; four, benefit for local people, the construction of the park plays an active promotional role for triggering the development of local economy and employment.